Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Introspection - Caused by LeeAnna

"So far, you’ve survived 100 percent of your worst days. You’re doing great.”

This woman is talking about her journey through infertility and miscarriages.  She woke up one day, after a really hard night and thought once more, this is the worst day of my life.  And she realized just how many times she said that.  And yet, she kept going.

I realized, yes, I have had a lot of worst days of my life -- I can tick them off, but you probably have the same ones, death of parents/family, loss of a job, health issues, just dealing with the sometimes simple daily things. 

Recently, a fellow blogger friend LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color posted this remarkable post on her blog a few days ago.  I have not commented on it yet because I wanted to reread it several times and just think about what she says.

Her chosen word last year was Connection.

She talks about the connections between us, sometimes as strangers, that enhance our lives.  I share her feeling when she talks about the friends she has made through her blog.  Some of us are quilters, some of us are fiber artists, some of us are both.  Some of us embroider, doodle, scrapbook.  But we all share a common connection:  making and the desire to learn from one another.

LeeAnna and I share a connection with many of our blogging friends in that we are able to bounce ideas off each other and get honest open feedback.  I don't expect everyone to think everything I do is the best it can be.  I really want to know how I can improve it.  There are a lot of things I have never thought of before and I need to have someone inform me!

From the beginning of our blogging connection, I have felt a kinship with this girl.  Sometimes you just click in a universe that offers too much and too little at the same time.  We must have felt "just enough" because we connected.  I feel the same with some others as well, Sophie, Carol, Patty, DeAnna, Penny........oh, I can't think of all the wonderful people.  Sometimes I think I can just live in the internet and be so happy.

Then LeeAnna said something that floored me.  "Not all connections can be good or healthy.  And it is not easy to tell which is which."  It hit me like a brick between the eyes.  I have experienced that.  It is a hard thing to deal with.  Some relationships are just plain unhealthy.  We should be happy being with our friends.  And when we part, to feel better, not worse.  I cannot tell you how that one simple statement, buried in the middle of her post, affected me.

Like the woman in the opening quote, it made me think of my life a bit differently.  

You need to go to her post and read it.  I think it may make you think of the connections in your life, as it did with me.

And choose a word and share it. Or just share it with yourself.  Last year, mine was Clean.  And I did not.  I should keep it until I do........

LeeAnna reminded me to think of what my word needs to be.  Now that I am aware of it, I will choose one.  And I will share it when I do.

Thanks for reading me for another year, lets do it again.


  1. Agreed. Leeana's connection post was wonderful to read as was yours today. Thank you for being my friend. I feel a connection to you and Leeanna for some reason. I don't know what happens when we die but I would like to have reincarnation be the thing. I think we might have been connected in past lives maybe. Or sisters or brothers or wolf pack mates even.

  2. There is a lot to take in with Leeann and your posts. 2015 for me was filled with new connections, re-connecting, and breaking off connections. It was a rough year. I will have to read the book on forgiveness. To me, just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you have to have a relationship with that person. You are aware of the big issues I am dealing with now and I think that forgiveness will have to be addressed.

    1. I get it Patty. It was just one reason I loved the book. He says it's your decision whether to form a changed relationship after the offense, or to move away from it after you find a way to forgive. hugs, LeeAnna

  3. Looooovvveeee you. Lots.

    Here's to a great year, it being better by sharing it. Glad we're here at the same time this life, whew. LeeAnna

  4. Thanks for your inspirational post and sharing LeeAnna's post...I'm now following her also. Both are exceptionally thought provoking. Looking forward to continuing our connection in the years to come.


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