Monday, January 4, 2016

Stash Reporting For Your Pleasure (and dismay)

I would not have gotten up at 6:15 AM this morning had my alarm clock not started shredding the toilet paper.

I am freezing.

Well not literally.  And I know all you people out there who actually ARE freezing are groaning and rolling your eyes. But I live in Louisiana, honestly, do we have to have freezing weather.

37 degrees with 90% humidity.  Miserable cold.  But we are seeing sunshine for the first time in nearly 3 weeks.  It looks deceptively beautiful. 

And the heater went out in the dog room at CAAWS.  So I have to be there to let the AC guy in to fix it.  I'll bet it was cold in that old building last night.

I started the Rainbow Scrab Challenge 2016 and the Stash Report.

I encourage you to start doing the stash report.  It has made me realize how much I did buy and how much I already had that would work in my quilts. 

You don't have to count what you have, just start from January 1 and log your usage.  Whatever you use is a negative and whatever you buy is a positive.

I have tried several ways and settled upon this method as easiest.  I set up my spreadsheet as:

I have two additional columns before these - the first is the date of the Sunday I am reporting and the second a fabric description just to remind me what I used.  Like "spools backing"  "baby stripes binding".

Used this week 0.00 Used this month 0.00 Used this year 0.00
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 0.00 Bought this year 0.00
Plus or minus 0.00 Plus or minus 0.00 Plus or minus 0.00

 Opened my eyes the first year I did it.

I also have a list of UFOs, but we won't talk about that one...............



  1. I will be posting my stash report tomorrow along with the other sewing things I keep stats on. I am with you that it made me realize how much fabric I was buying. So far I have resisted the year end sales. I am joining up with Vicki and her UFO busting group again this year. I had 40 items on my list at the beginning of 2015 and finished 15 of them. Not too bad, but much better than adding to the list!

  2. Sunshine is awesome! I've read all year about your stash report and have toyed with the idea myself of keeping track. I try not to buy too much and use from my stash first, but without keeping a log, I probably buy more than what I realize.


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