Friday, January 1, 2016

Did You Eat For Prosperity in 2016?

In South Louisiana we have a New Year's Day tradition. 

We must eat green cabbage, black eyed peas and ham.  It brings love, luck and money in the coming year.  If you miss one of the components, you risk missing whatever it corresponds to for the next year.

Andrew, who hates cabbage,, will always eat at least one spoonful of it at my house.

And for many years I have fed so many friends and family on New Year's Day, making sure we were well stuffed with the required foods to bring prosperity.

Today was no exception........lots of people are  going to be very happy and much richer in 2016!

Happy New Year!


  1. Oh yes for sure. That tradition has followed me to Oklahoma too. My kitchen had aromas of black-eyed peas, cabbage, ham and cornbread. My DH dislikes cabbage too but will have a spoonful on New Year's Day.

  2. I had the black-eyed peas and ham, but my area does collard greens instead of cabbage - traditions modified. I read a friends post yesterday and they do lentils with the same concept.

  3. We have peas and collards too. Except with my eye problem I totally forgot and we made do with cans this year. It sure was easier and we got in by the skin of our teeth. I heard a new one that before you renter the house in the new year, toss in some money over the threshold to bring money to your family! We tried it! LeeAnna


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