Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kitchen Emergency - Water Water Everywhere

So I tell Frank I want a gift card to Joann's for my birthday.  Yesterday was my brother's and next week is mine.  I hate these being so close to Christmas, and I purposely had Carrie at the end of June!  As far away from Christmas as possible.

He dropped his car off to get a new windshield so I picked him up and we headed to Joann's.  I wanted some micron pens for my zentangle drawings.  And some heavy watercolor paper to draw on to use for an idea I have.

He was really upset about me buying stuff at Joann's so close to my birthday.......which never occurred to me, but hey......a girl needs what a girl needs, right?

I get home and fill my soap dispenser and get soap all over the outside of it.  When I ran water in the sink it started coming out the dishwasher!


Water everywhere.

I grabbed a bailing cup and started bailing out the dishwasher.  After 20 minutes I realized I was putting the water from the dishwasher into the sink .......  which was running BACK into the dishwasher..........geez.

Get the bucket.  McGee was in the yard tossing the bucket around, like an idiot.....really dog?

I bailed 3 buckets out before it stopped coming from the sink.  My tennies are soaked.

When Frank got home he reamed out the clean-out on the side of the house.   Don't you love a man who can fix things for you?  And aren't you glad you can handle these emergencies before they get to the disaster stage?

Now everything is working again.  Thank goodness we didn't have to call a plumber.......maybe tomorrow I will actually get into my sewing room......geez


  1. Well McGee thinks he is helping!

  2. McGee knew you needed that bucket to start with and was throwing it around to get your attention. He saved you time finding it.

  3. The man is so great at fixing things but clueless to the fact that you can never have to much to spend at Joanne's. Frank is awesome!


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