Wednesday, January 13, 2016

While Cleaning up the Quilt Room.....

I have spent time for the last two days cleaning........really, now.  The laughing?  Do we need that?

I have spent time for the last two days cleaning up the counter in the Quilt Room.  (I tried calling it a Studio but it just comes out as the Quilt Room.)  And I found some fabric leftover from a swap with Trudy across the big pond in England.

And I got a little sidetracked.

It is a Moda pattern called Criss Cross, but you know me, it will get an epic name.  a 1 1/2 inch sashing has a small square at the junction.  You can see that in the top two blocks on the left.  There are two more rows and a border.  I am thinking a green border.  I know, I know, white.  Yeah, white.  We shall see.

And th BEST part of the day is that I get to wear my last year's birthday boots to lunch with Carrie at City Pork!


  1. Ooo- la - la! Oh those boots are made for walk in' and that just what I'll do . Are those the Carlos boots? So sexy

  2. I have to admit - I was laughing. Love the boots!

  3. Good for you with the cleaning! I have been thinking about doing some serious cleaning. So is that another UFO to add to the list? The design reminds me of a garden. The boots I have on today are sad compared to your hot boots! Of course, you are not tromping thru snow! LOL!!


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