Friday, March 18, 2016


I really have a hard time keeping secrets.  I just love to talk about stuff.  I get that from my mother's father.  My grandfather told "Shaggy Dog Stories".    According to TV Tropes those are detailed stories that have a huge build up and complicated twists only to be resolved with a anti-climax that makes the story part useless!

That said, Papa's stories were more like long, long humorous stories.  And I take after that part.  If you have read any of my "situations" you would be familiar with them.  And this is not a Shaggy Dog Story, by the way.

But I digress........


For the last year I have been a part of the Secret Society of Barn Builders.  SSOB.  Wait, there is another letter in there somewhere....


You can see what the book cover looks like on the top of my blog sidebar.  Fifteen of us were invited by Julie Sefton to participate in testing her process notes.  For years I have told her she needed to write a book about her amazing quilt See Rock City.  And now she has!  (click there to see the whole story about her amazing quilt.)

She has won a ton of awards on this quilt, by the way.  Quite impressive.  And click on You Did WHAT With Your Quilt to see it with Julie on a John Deere!

The exciting thing, for me anyway, is that our little barn quilts will be hung in three quilt shows and featured two international magazines after the book comes out! 

I was so excited about being a part of this amazing group, and so lucky to be included.  I will be doing a post about my two barns some time after the book comes out in April.  Actually May.  There will be a blog hop.

So that kind of went into a Shaggy Dog Story, right?  Started out with meaningless chatter that was not on point?  Yep, Papa would be proud!


  1. I can't wait to see your barns. Your papa would indeed be proud of your story telling ability.

  2. That is a huge secret! Congratulations on being part of such a wonderful group, being published, and the shows.

  3. It was definitely hard to keep the SSOBB a secret -- such incredible quilts and so many fabulous stories . . . not too much longer now and we can share with the world! (and your papa would be VERY proud of your stories)

  4. Of course, your Papa would be proud, and probably not just because of the story. I'm guessing he'd be just as proud as your barns and your quilts in general. I'm going to love this book and am really glad that the wait is not too long. This summer will have some fun quilting, I can tell already!

  5. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing them all. And here I thought SSOBB meant the sisters society of bitchin babes

  6. Did I just imagine that Time magazine sent an apology for not including us in their article?? ;)


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