Friday, March 18, 2016

Moving On Up - Quiltwise

I actually got a lot done in a very short amount of time at the Quilt Haus today.

1.  Binding sewn on Locked and Loaded

2.  Binding sewn on the T-Shirt Backs

3.  Binding sewn on Angle Play Stars

4.  Stained Glass trimmed and ready for binding

When I got  home I was able to get the Reflections Quilt quilted.  I didn't know what to do with it.  Reflections sat on my frame for a week while I fruitlessly pondered.

You can see it is very stormy here at the present moment.  Little rain but lots of threatening!

And I am not really really happy with what I did, my back was killing me and I just wanted to get it done.  I guess I really should not be quilting when that happens!

Anyway, the quilting is finished and ready for binding.

I have like 2 years of binding to do.........I  need to learn how to bind on the machine.


  1. Binding on the machine is easy. In fact, everything is the same except that you begin on the back. Once the binding is complete on the back, flip it to the front and stitch it down trying really hard to keep the line of stitching an even distance from the edge. (That's the hardest part.) You can do it and very quickly, too. I rarely, rarely ever hand bind anymore. I'm almost good at keeping that front seam even, almost--wouldn't it be great if it looked like top-stitching on an expensive shirt? There's always a goal.

  2. I rarely bind by machine, but when I do instead of a straight stitch I use an embroidery stitch. There is a feathery looking one on my machine that looks real good. I put have of the stitching on the binding and the other half sits on the quilt. This adds another design element instead of just getting it done.


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