Thursday, March 17, 2016

the Argentine Love Song

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Frank was rushing me to take the dogs for their walk this morning and I hit the send button before I wanted to.  So here is the rest of what I wanted to say about the Spanish Lady.

Previously  known as the Zen Lady.  Names are malleable too, I guess.

So I decided she looked more Spanish than Geisha.

There is this marvelous Argentine Love Song that Frank sung to me when we were so  deeply in love.  He strummed  his guitar and spoke the most beautiful words, and they moved me.  I fell in love with him and we lived happily ever after.


None of that is true.

Sorry.  Nothing about Frank is romantic.

But I did have an enjoyable afternoon listening to Latino studs sing deep voiced love songs to me through the computer.  I chose the words I wished Frank had sung to me.  I keep emailing them to him but he just doesn't get it........yet!

It is called “Todo Cambio” by Camila (click here to hear it)

It basically says:

Everything changed when I saw you, 
From black and white to color.  
It was so easy to love you, 
I cannot even imagine

It was my love to give you a look
Everything trembled within me
The universe wrote that you were for me
And it was so easy to love you so much

Something never imagined
It was lost in your love
simply step
And now I'm all yours

Now, isn't that dark and handsomely romantic?  Can't you just hear his heavily accented voice crooning about black and white turning to color?

How perfect for a quilter.


  1. Oooh! Yes! Now I hear the lyrics your piece is even better. The black and white and the pop of color , the fusia at the bottom. And yea she does look like a Spanish lady ready to tango. Maybe that's what Frank needs - tango lessons . Just kidding . He shows his love in so many ways- you are very lucky

  2. I couldn't make out the words on the earlier post but now that I have them, it's much easier to see on the card. How sweet and romantic and and beautiful.

  3. Lovely piece. I think she looks like a Spanish Geisha....


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