Thursday, March 10, 2016

What to do this morning?

I have moved up so many quilts at least one level, but I guess I need to actually finish one for March.  Well, it is only the 10th after all.

I need to work on the Zen Lady today.  That is what I will do.  Zen while the storm rages outside.  We really have not had any weather, other really overcast skies and broken sunshine.  Today the pavement is wet, so it must have been a shower last night.  And the wind is picking up at times. 
Shreveport in the extreme northwest corner of Louisiana had some really bad weather yesterday.  Lake Charles in the extreme southwest corner of the boot endured tornadoes yesterday.  We are predicted to be the same today and tomorrow.

I can see the wind picking up, the bird feeder is swaying.  Like a wild ride at the State Fair for the Birds!

And what you see here was my lunch yesterday.  Avocado, cheese, egg and a tomato with some salt and peppah.

Bake.  yes, bake it.

I like my yolk a bit runny but not maybe 15 minutes at 400. 

A M A Z I N G !!!!!    Did I say amazing loud enough.......


  1. I may have to go pick up some avocados ... that looks yummy!

  2. We are under flood and tornado watch. All of north LA is flooded. The poor people whose homes are underwater! And of course, it's not just in LA. I hope your Zen Lady had a much better day than the rest of us and has gotten farther along in the process.


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