Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mary Elizabeth's Graduation Quilt, Devils Lense and the Driveway

Quilts are moving up the list in the sidebar!

Read Between The Lines now has a back and is in the To Be Quilted Pile.  I put the back together today at the Quilt Haus.

And I put together 7 more quarters for the Devil's Lense blocks.  I needed 4 more blocks to complete the center.  So now I need 9 more quarters.  they go pretty quickly because I have all the strip sets done and ready to go. 

Stuff is moving on up!

Still no rain from the deluge that has been over dramatized for the last 24 hours!  i am sure we will get it when I need to leave for my meeting tonight though.

I guess I have taken my carport and driveway for granted for the last 31 years.  I miss being able to walk out my back door and get in my car!

Here is the way things look at the moment.  It really looks great, they did a fabulous job. 

And the leaves made an artistic impression in the cement!

 When it dries all the way I need to take some fabric out there and do some prints!


  1. Then run over it a couple times for extra texture!

  2. Maybe you could ask them to "rust" the driveway- now that would be cool

  3. I think I would prefer the rain to all this wind. At times it sounds like a train passing thru the front yard. I love the new driveway and can't wait to drive up it and park! See your soon. Hope you are using the Go!

  4. That is a lot of concrete that was placed! Most people would object to the flaws the leaves left in the concrete, but like you I love them! Glad to hear that projects are moving up the list! It always feels good to get someone closer to finished!


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