Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not So Modern Stars?

We had a great meeting last night at our Modern Guild.  Daisy, our VP/Program Chair gave us a great program about how to use the internet in quilting.

We learned about getting inspiration from blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, podcasts, webinars and Flickr. She navigated to each type of site and gave us tips on the various types of social media.  It is a rich and exciting place to find information, inspiration and friends.  It makes the world a very small place, indeed!

I am working on a project that will hopefully get some space in one of the quilt magazines. We shall see. They say they are open to  people not in their inner circle, so here I am!

Meanwhile, something NOT modern.

Did I show you the Stars Quilt I finished last week?  I can't remember, I am thinking not.

I did a photo shoot and just downloaded the photos.  Check them out.

I really love it!


  1. The stars really pop on this quilt. It came
    Out so good, I love it as well. Very " earthy"

  2. The stars really do pop! The colors may be a bit more traditional, but the pattern isn't and the white stars seem to carry the quilt. Not as traditional as it first reads. Good luck getting published. Your quilts are certainly worthy!

  3. The quilt turned out great! Best of luck in your efforts to get published! How exciting! Maybe afterwards you can reveal the secrets on how to get published. I would love to have it happen to me just once!

  4. Lawsy! I am so over inspired already! I need to make stuff! The UFO pile... so high


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