Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I met with the termite guy, we don't have termites, I just wanted to change contract companies at the rent houses.

So when I was over there, my renter and I discussed binding.  She was amenable to trying it to see if she liked sewing it.

If she does, I can keep her busy, if not make her rich!

Two days to CRAWFISH! And Jason!


  1. No termites is a good thing! I hope your renter can help you out with the bindings! Binding do take a lot of time!

  2. Goodness, you and the binding. I'm almost ready to offer! It shouldn't take very many more posts. :-)

  3. Just get them ready for me to pick up if your renter doesn't work out. I like doing binding. We can trade quilting for binding!


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