Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Madness

I hope you had a chance to see the painting of DiNozzo.  (click there to see it)  My friend Julie has been working on it for the last year, I would say.  It is spectacular!  I am so impressed, it looks just like him!

So.  I hope you had a good Father's Day with your significant Father. 

We celebrated with Carrie on Saturday, she spent the whole day with him.  Our lunch at Bass Pro Shops was good, until we hit Hobby Lobby and I spent some time in the very clean bathroom.  And when we got back to the house, Carrie spent time in our very clean bathroom.  The boys were fine.  The only thing Carrie and I had in common was the fish.  I had a salad but nibbled on a few pieces of the crumbly batter on her fish and chips plate.  There was nothing else that we had that at least Frank or Andrew had as well, but didn't get sick.

Meanwhile we enjoyed sitting in the back yard.  The  caladiums are amazing!  I bought them from some place like Happiness Farms or Rainbow Farms.  I could look it up if I had to, but whatever it was I am full of  Happiness at the Rainbow of colors!  

And what did I tell you?  Carrie went into my sewing room and looked at the bunnies on the wall and was not impressed.  We shall see.  They may go to someone else anyway.

I am working with my renter to convince her she wants to make some extra cash by sewing my bindings down..........

I  am trying to convince her she can make millions doing the job.


  1. Making millions by sewing down binding --- bwahahahahaha

  2. Your back yard is a tropical paradise! Maybe lure your renter into the binding job by letting her sit there to do her very important contribution to the society of Glen .

  3. The caladiums are beautiful! The color they add is fantastic! I hate that when you go out to eat and end up with the trots.

  4. I like caladiums but wow! these are huge. If there are millions to be had, wouldn't more of us jump in that clown car? As for the clean bathroom, I say be thankful that it was clean. I've "had the fish"--an unforgettable experience is being forced to use a porta-potty aftera bad lunch. Honestly I came out of the john to vomit and returned. We couldn't be sure of the direct cause of the vomiting, so there weren't millions for that either.


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