Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If I Were That Crawfish, I Wouldn't Be Smiling!

We went to Office Depot to buy printer ink and ended up coming home with this 3 pack of Puffs.

I took it out of the bag on the way home and realized that each small creature was paired with its mortal enemy.  I am pretty sure that shark (with a big toothy grin) does not have the best intention for the crawfish he is waving around.  And the walrus is not really the best friend that penguin could have chosen.

It was later that day we found the snapping turtle on the patio.  Luckily he was small.  But they are not really creatures you want to befriend either.  All Chloe wanted to do do was pick him up and take him somewhere so I was fighting her off.  The boys were afraid of him, and rightly so, they would not have won.   Frank put him in the back over the fence.  Hopefully the next time he wants to head this way he will be too big to fit under the fence.

While at the Quilt Haus yesterday, I finished up the red pieces for the Devil's Lense quilt.  I need to put black internal sashing on the 3 bottom ones and one on the row above.  Then the rest will be sashed in another black fabric.  It will all end up with a black 3 inch border.

Today, I needed to do something for my Fiber Group tonight, so I put together an idea I have been running around in my mind since the killing of three of our police officers.  It took several tries to get the hat right.  And then I had problems finding a suitable background.

When I looked at the pieces with the hat on the background, I realized it needed a cityscape.

So this is the piece pre-quilting.  I was worried that the dark blue would not show up  against the black city buildings. 

I love it.


  1. Love your tribute to the police officers. The mourning bar on the badge is a detail whose power can't be underestimated in our society today. The support is something we should all strive to show.

  2. The Lense quilt looks great. The tribute to the fallen police officers is moving.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a lovely tribute. I'm not surprised that you would find a positive way to fill the void and sadness. The whole situation is heartbreaking. I've never felt fear in my home state, but this is a horror that tears at my heart, and it continues in other places causing those people to know my fear. How is it that people cannot see that this is a form of terrorism?

  4. Your tribute piece really captures the feelings I have. It speaks volumes...brilliant!!


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