Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A New Quilting Focus

I mentioned the  Kaleidoscope Quilt Show is coming up and I chose some new work to display to the world.

Of course, they all need a hanging sleeve, and three need binding.  I have some smaller pieces from my Fiber group that I can show, which will solve any time crunch problems I might have.  See, I am already anticipating problems!

Two years ago, I won Viewer's Choice with my Ellies in this show.  I am not expecting a repeat performance though.  Nothing is as WOW as that was.  I think it may have been my life's WOW!!

In addition to that, I think I may have decided on the pattern for the Modern Guild Challenge that will be displayed at the Baton Rouge Gallery. It has been hard.  I really don't like the fabric that the challenge centers on.  I don't think it is Modern. 

I need to take a photo for you to decide, since I can't find the one I had already in here.  The show is at the end of Oct/early Nov.

I went to Office Depot to get the necessary copies made for the paperpiecing.  This quilt will be interesting to put together, I have never used this technique before.  But, I am all up for new stuff.

So what do you think?  It is very beige-y and leafy. 

I also need to chose 5 modern pieces to send to the Jury Committee for consideration. But I have some time to finish some  things that are in wings.  Like the Albers Project.  I really need to come up with a better name for that poor quilt top.

Sigh........I am already missing Dino........He was like my best friend.

Carol of Quilted Fabric Art (go check out her osprey and cardinal) sent me a picture she created of a fish skeleton that says: Serial Fish Killer!

About a third of my post disappeared into thin air.  And it was inspiring.  So  I am sorry I can't reconstruct it!

Off to walk  the dogs........I took an allergy pill a bit ago, and it is making me sleepy.  (Which is probably what happened to my missing post stuff!)


  1. I'll bet a hawk got the poor little dude - life can be cruel

    I like that leafy fabric . Remember those off the edge quilts I did last year? That fabric would be perfect for that. Probably not modern but that what I thought of. Looking forward to seeing what you will do .

  2. The fabric may not be truly modern but the quilt you design will be!

  3. Sorry you lost half your post. I could use some inspiring words today! I wouldn't call that fabric modern either, but if you put it with some high contrast fabrics with the right block and I think you could push it into modern. I had a challenge I participated in one time and the fabric was ugly so I dyed it.

  4. The elephants really are wonderful!!!

  5. Maybe part of the challenge is finding the modern in this fabric. :-) If anyone can do it, I'm betting on you. Sorry about Dino; it's always tough losing a good friend. Those Ellies! It's no wonder you won best of show, but I seriously doubt you have only one WOW! in you. Honestly, don't you think you can push out another? It would be a fabulous surprise, maybe, but that's part of the WOW!


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