Thursday, September 15, 2016

Straightening Out Yesterday

I told Patty I did feel like punching people!  Instead I just yelled at Frank for a while.

So this is what i did to straighten out the mess of yesterday.

I hiked up my big girl panties and got out the phone.

My Persian rug is all cleaned up and in storage, I called Cox and figured out how to retrieve the messages my home phone is taking.  I didn't even know there was an answering service on it, we always had a separate phone on the line.  There were 15 messages I had to handle since the flood. 

I called the fireplace place and told them the one I ordered wont fit, and I needed the other one.  I just need to return the one currently residing in my dining room.  the crew said they would bring it back today, but when I got home tonight, it was still in the dining room  tomorrow, I am assuming.

The smaller one will be brought when the fireplace crew comes to do the install in 5 weeks, maybe.

When Frank called at 1 PM and said he was heading home, I was very happy.  I had plans.  We went to visit Mike at Tiger Honda and I was able to compare the Pilot and the CRV.  For a while now, I have been thinking about what I really wanted to do with the next vehicle.  We had planned for the Pilot to become the "family" car and in 2 or 3 years when Frank retired, he would get a small, fun, run around the city something.  Maybe like a sports car or hybrid or even a Jeep.

But the flood changed the whole show.  I have been thinking and rethinking, and thinking some more.  I was glad I had the extra time to test out new scenarios.  I did some research on the Pilot vs the CRV.  Frank and I talked out some of the ideas this week

Which is why I wanted to have the CRV and the Pilot side by side.  Mike did that for me.

We sat in, drove and climbed in and around both vehicles.  It was a clear choice in the end.

The new Touring CRV has everything known to man on it.  Navigation, bluetooth, sunroof, auto lift back, that thing that hides the stuff in the back, back up and right turn cameras.  On the way home i had to pull over and find where the lights were!

It is a steel grey with heated leather seats.

I am so glad I have wheels again.  And I love Mike, he was so great to work with.  Not like that 15 year old jerk!

Mike was glad to see us........we both looked kinda rough last time we saw him.  Everybody in the show room came by to say hi to us.

It is good, not what I had planned, but I know I loved my CRV and this one is just bigger and better.

And yes, that is what a bad parker Frank Parks is................You shold see him park the Ridgeline Truck.


  1. Hurray for wheels! Sounds like it was a "one step forward" kind of day.

  2. I am so glad you finally have a car! Is a CRV a Honda, a Ford, or what? I haven't bought a new car for almost 14 years so I am very out of the loop.

  3. yea! a decision made and a beauty of a car. Freedom to move about the county now.Look out y'all.

  4. So glad some things are working out !

  5. Oh, nice. Now maybe you will be brave enough to make trips my way on your own or with DiNozzo.


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