Friday, September 16, 2016

Rain All Day ....Like A Broken Record

GWe have been in a drought situation here in the southern US for the last 10 years.  This is why I can't totally accept the "global warming" thing.  Weather is cyclical.  Now we are in the rainy cycle.

I just wish things would dry out.  The ground has never actually dried out since the flood, a month ago now.  The date of the flood was August 14, 2016.

FEMA Event Number 4277.

Still no word on the Flood Incurance check fiasco.  But we did take the CRV for a spin to Best Buy.  At Best Buy I scored $7200 worth of appliances for $5888.  And got a $400 gift card for buying 4 appliances totaling over $4000 and all those dollars in points on my Best Buy card thing.  But delivery can't make it before October 18th.  Geez.

Like the Visa Airline miles and the Master Card Cruise points, I should rack up on free things next year.

Steam is the new byword.  I bought a GE Profile, double wall, top convection oven with steam clean option; a GE Profile hidden controls, bottle washer, 140 spray jet dishwasher with steam sanitizing; an LG 5.2 cu ft washer with steam to loosen stains and an LG matching dryer with steam setting that keeps your clothes from wrinkling if you should forget them for 10 hours.

Seriously.  My house should bake its own pies, clean up its own dishes and fold the clean laundry every day.  And I haven't even replaced the Roomba yet!  (I wonder if there is a steam option on THAT yet?)

My old appliances were not that old, and they were all similar to these.  There was steam in the dryer, but nothing else.  That has all been invented in the last 5 or 6 years.  Who knows if they will be an improvement or not.  Or even useful.

I just want my old stuff back.

So I rewarded myself with better stuff.

Isn't that the way it works?


  1. OH MY DEAR - I have that LG dryer with steam... and let me tell you what you can do with that baby. You can throw a quilt back in there and steam it for ten minutes, and not ever iron a back again ! And you can take a piece of batting out of one of those bags , throw it in the dryer, ten minutes, and it comes out all relaxed and ready to use.... no more waiting three days for the stuff to lose its compressed shape. Oh and there is more and more. I think that's the one with the door that opens down or sideways, too... and , of course, it sings...... one day you will love that dryer. Mine is my new favorite best friend. Good work, you are building your new life.... it will come. You can just be wrinkled for another month. one day you will sew and quilt, and put rust stains on stuff..... perhaps you will do a whole series of "flood quilts" and a book to go along, and become famous about how one can memorialize a difficult event through fiber art..... and you will travel the world and give lectures...
    ok, i know, enough. take care. Kathleen

  2. A series of flood quilts - Kathleen may just have something there! Panic (that bathroom shot with the water rising) - Emotions (one step forward, three steps back) - Longing (for your old stuff ) - Frustration (with the insurance companies and the system) - Joy (when something or someone good happens) - Wheels (for the truck and new Honda) - Steam (for the new appliances) - Blue (for the tarps that I'm sure are everywhere these days) -- you could make SUCH a series, even if it is only a series of photographs that never actually turn into quilts.

  3. Your appliances sound amazing! Once this us all done you will be living in a state of the art castle!

  4. Another month before appliances - oh my. Once you get them you will feel spoiled and you deserve to be spoiled after what you have been through! A flood series of quilts - genius idea!


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