Sunday, September 18, 2016

Light at the End of the Tunnel

My sweet friend, Carol of Quilted Fabric Art send me some medicine.  Quilted fabric art!  LOL.

So appropriate, the light at the end of the tunnel!  Although she noted that sometimes that light is the freight train about to hit you.

It has been almost 6 weeks since the water rose.  I am starting to think again.  However, the exhaustion is still there and I have lost another 5 pounds even though I have been eating terribly.  There is no way you can have control over what you eat when you have no  refrigerator.  I never thought about how important a fridge is, I have always had one at my beck and call.

Some days I don't even see a vegetable. 

I still can't spell refrigerator, I keep putting a d in there.

Now that I have the CRV I can put the dogs into the garage crates and do a daily grocery run.  Admittedly I would do it every day, but I can at least do it several times a week and get healthier food.  the slow cooker (thanks Christa) and the steamer (thanks Charlene) and the garage (thanks construction crew) will all come together and produce amazing food!

I need to show you the office Frank created for himself in the garage.  It just looks cozy with my bedroom lamp in there.  And it gets him away from the general chaos of thee camper.

We are heading out for some R&R with a friend from New Orleans who had 4 feet of water plus wind damage after Katrina.  Her daughter is in the Masters of Music program at LSU.  Vivian just completed training at the Boston Conservancy in operatic voice.  She is an amazingly gifted young woman.

McGee is a runner.  Plain and simple.  He doesn't leave, but he gets out constantly.  It is just luck that he hasn't left yet.  While my life would be simpler with just the two "good" dogs, I really don't want the heartache of losing that idiot.  I kinda like him after all this time.

And I have a lot of hard work invested in him.

I bought some pvc pipe to strengthen the pig wire at the camper where there is nothing to tie it to.  And I drilled holes with the drill we borrowed from Andrew last night to tie the bucket to the fence and the poles.

You know, they call it pig wire because it is used to keep pigs in.  He looks like a little pig, and he eats like a pig, so I don't know why it isn't sufficient to keep McGee in.

I  am really hoping the light at the end of that tunnel is NOT a freight train, but I am thinking it just might be a big one!


  1. New header looks good -- enjoy the bit of R&R (you both deserve it)!

  2. So glad you enjoyed the card! I didn't realize you have no fridge (easier to spell than refrigerator ) most rv's have one although small. No wonder you are jonesing for some real food. Can you get a new one delivered now and plug it in the garage? I can't imagine not having a fridge :-(

  3. It is Not a freight train....might look like it cause it is a LED light.....(So glad things are moving along. Sending positive energy you way!!!

  4. Don't you dare lose McGee! He has a great nose for fabric and can hunt it down no matter where it hides. When you are in the middle of the tunnel, you can't see the progress you have made. Soon it will stop raining and the dogs will be able to go back in their yard. It is all coming together - just not as fast as it happened.

  5. Love the little quilt and the new header. Of course McGee would be the one who can find his way out ... I wonder how the dogs perceive what is happening at their home, in their yard? Here's hoping that light guides you to the new normal as quickly as possible.

  6. I went a week without a fridge one time and it is awful so I can't imagine going for weeks without one would be like. Could you put one in the garage now that it is in better shape? McGee would probably not wander off too far; he knows where his next meal is coming from!

  7. Have been away for awhile,but love to come back to see some progress and hope on your front. Hate that things look like they are still so far off. Thought of you often while seeing the better side of nature. Bless you and yours.

  8. I have a runner as well a Great Pyrenees/Beagle cross (nope, no typo there). She can also scale the fence...I have taken to tying her rope to a tire with a rim on it....heavy and yes it does prevent her from getting too far...


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