Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fuming Over the FEMA Mobile Homes

The whole city is up in arms.  Well, except for the people who are getting the MHU Mobile Home Units.

But at least I had a worker yesterday.  One.  For 5 hours.  While I appreciate his work, I was able to accomplish more in my 6 hours on Sunday.   I need more than one.

To make matters worse, the Governor (who happens to be Democrat) has announced that FEMA has given Louisiana some $400 million dollars to be distributed to those who were affected by the flood.

If they would take the taxpayer's $400 million dollars and distribute it evenly among those of us who were affected, we would all get some part of the money.  We all suffered losses due to the negligence of the parish/city to create proper drainage and run off of rainwaters.

Yes, we had "replacement" costs in our flood insurance, but replacement cost is a depreciated amount based upon the age of the item, less 30%.  So we are all going to have a lot of out of pocket expenses.

The distribution will be given only to low income individuals who did not have flood insurance.  they are projected to get $70,000 each.  And it will be grants which will be tax free.  

I am assuming that since it is Louisiana, the rest will go into state and local official's pockets. 


  1. Unbelievable! So in other words you will get nothing. Karma needs to kick in.


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