Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Painters Putty

It starts out pink when you stick it into a nail hole and turns white when it dries.  You then sand it and it melds right into the door frame or baseboard

Although they don't call them baseboards anymore, or quarter round.  It is kick plates and shoe moulding.

I putties and sanded all day in my master bedroom in preparation for painting.  If the stupid painters won't come, I can paint it myself.  One room at a time, it will be a snap!

Tomorrow I will putty the crown moulding.  And maybe do a bit of caulking, if I can find the caulk gun.  He puts things in really strange places sometimes.


  1. Looking good! One way or another you will get your home done! I still call it baseboard. The Brits call it skirting. Up here in Ohio kickplate is what we call a metal plate you put on a door toward the bottom to protect the door from damage if someone would kick it. SO funny how the same item can be called such different names in different regions!

  2. Yeah like new boxes from the UPS man addressed to you in the garage!!

  3. Really? They changed the name of quarter round?!?!? E-gads, I am SO behind the times.


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