Monday, January 16, 2017

Designer Meeting

Amanda brought me these amazing tiny cupcakes from a specialty bakery called Mes Amie! It is " just around the corner" from me and I didn't even know it!  Her birthday is Thursday so we celebrated our mutual Birthday Weeks deciding on a design for the living room/den.  I took Frank to the store to sit on the sofa and chair tonight.  From what I can tell, he is OK with it.

We looked at several layouts, and narrowed it down to two.  I decided on the sectional.  I am in the "now for something different" mode.

It will be brighter, open and, well, very open.  Like I said, very different.

Jay and one other guy worked today.  Bill grouted most, but not all, of the shower.  It looks really good.  The grout really makes it pop.

Jay worked on finishing the stiles on the cabinets and planning out the week for the twins and whoever else shows up this week.  Danielle from down the street has hired Jay as her contractor.  I told him he better not start her house until he finishes mine!

My long arm room is currently a depository for all the tools and extra cabinets.  Until they get the manpower to lift the cabinet boxes into place I guess they will continue to sit there and in the den. 

This is the design we worked out for the backsplash over the stove.  I am thinking that Jay is planning on the Twins getting into the laying of the backsplash this week, maybe tomorrow.

And these are the fabrics for the living room.  You can see my chair and a table in there.  The sofa will be a sectional, like I said before.  it looks like decadent linen. 

A while back, one of my Barn Mates send me some rusty things like bed springs and a couple of pieces of dyeable cloth.  I produced this beauty and it has been hanging on the line for a while.  I have been working around it.  But I had to move it for the painters, so it came back to my mind.  I am thinking of pairing it with some blacks, dark greys maybe........if I can find any!  Sigh.....soon.

And here is my mountain goat child.  This is the inner framing for one of the mirrors they have to hard wire into the bathroom this week.  He is so funny, I had moved the dog beds outside today while the workers were here.  And then when Frank came home, he moved the into the foyer while he worked on the door handle.  So when I went into the bedroom, there were no beds.

He had to use the next best thing I guess!


  1. Wow, I love the rusty piece you made. It has loads of depth!! I can't believe you had any kind of creative energy to even work with them yet, so go you!! It really is starting to come together, isn't it. That was a good warning to know exactly what would happen, don't you?

  2. Another forward moving post -- hooray for progress!!! Wonderful rusty piece, too.


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