Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Birthday! Finally!

If you go back to yesterday's post, to the material list for the new living room and the rusty piece of fabric, I  think I can bring the blacks and greys into it and make a really amazing piece for the den.  And right now, I can have any open wall to work with, since they all are open!  LOL.

Maybe a brooding piece.  With a streak of blue water running through it.  Angular or curvy?  Maybe both, since the common denominator through this whole thing is my need to make all these decisions yet my inability to comfortably make them.

Yes.  It will need to be the perfect blue.  Maybe a blue with some red tones that will pick up the oranges of the rust.

Oh, darn.  I will just put the photos here and juxtapose them for you.  But you will have to mentally flip the sofas in your mind!  Remember the  sectional will be the darker grey linen look and the recliner chairs will be that greyed green geometric. 

I got a call from my Fiber Art Friend Judy.  My fiber group meeting is tomorrow and they have missed me.  I haven't been attending many meetings in these last few months.  Every once in a while she checks in with me.  I miss them as well.  They were my wild creative outlet.  The ones who would tell me if things were going to work, or what was not working, and give me suggestions for better art.

I learn so much from those fiber people.  A few of them overlap with various quilt groups, but they are distinctly different from the quilting people.  I probably won't make this month's meeting again, just too much going on with the house.  The dogs can't go into the room with the crates, it just upsets everybody.  Including the worker guys who have a soft spot for the pups.

So, today i the big birthday day.  I went back to the bakery and scored some cupcakes like Amanda brought yesterday!  We will hav dinner with Carrie and Andrew later.  Frank is working in the camper most of the day and I am in the house working on the computer at the new table.  We went to lunch at Burgersmith in Denham Springs and stopped at the Bed Bath and Beyond to get a McGee proof trash can for the master bath and a few washcloths and hand towels.  The few I have are disappearing for some reason.  Hmmm.

He took me to choose my birthday present at Best Buy.  A new camera!  Unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable making such a big choice as a spur of  them moment thing without research or thought.  There is that decision thing again.  But honestly, my head hurts and I just can't make the decision right now.  Maybe this weekend.

The guys hard wired the mirrors in the master bath.  Those white strips will back light and provide a "soft pleasing light to compliment skin and facial features".  I so need that!  They have worked on finishing up the shower.  Parts of it STILL need to be grouted.   But it looks great!  See the Hexies?  Yeah baby!

And they are working on some of the electrical stuff.  Like moving the plug ins that now will fall behind the new fireplace cabinets to the lower cabinets for Frank's electronic stuff.

Chris from Glass Concepts (it was his birthday today too!) came and replaced the window sections that took on water during the flood.  There were 4 of them.  They were able to order just the double pane sections rather than replace the entire windows.  Which would necessitate replacing ALL the windows in the house.  Imagine the expense.  This is one thing the flood insurance would not pay for because they said flood waters don't compromise windows.  Well, it did.

That is ceramic tile that looks like wood, if you were wondering. On the right side is the view from my sewing room. 

And putting the baseboard trim pieces on the kitchen cabinets.  they started laying out the tiles for the back splash, but I don't think they started that yet.

I need to find some sealer for the pavers for them to finish the areas they have filled in from the wall removal. 

The refrigerator cabinet needs to be placed and installed as well.  The side panel for the fridge will present another problem.  I suggested they center the cabinet. Build a box between the cabinet and the panel.  And use the box to attach the panel to the top and then anchor it to the lower cabinets.

They liked that idea.  (and why are they not thinking of that themselves?)  And they will probably get to it tomorrow.

All this is based upon the principle of "nothing is ever easy". 


  1. They say it's your birthday
    They say it's your birthday
    Your gonna have a good time
    I'm glad it's your birthday
    Happy birthday to you

    I took a little liberty with the Beatles lyrics, but truly wish you a Happy Birthday!

  2. Your house is gorgeous! Wow! I can really see it now. This must be so exciting to finally see it look like a home. That is the best birthday present. And you are thinking about creating again - I selfishly miss your creative quilting/ fiber posts. Now you have all those walls to fill / oh yeah, baby! Let the fabric obsession begin šŸ˜‰ That rusted piece is wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Glen!
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    your pal,
    Sneaky Spice

  4. Sounds and looks like more progress is being made. The tile is so pretty!

  5. Happy birthday to you! And congratulations on so much progress on the house!

  6. I know that I'm late saying happy birthday, and I apologize, but this week is also the of birthdays in our house: Richard, a grand, and a daughter-in-law! I hope you had a wonderful day/evening.


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