Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Expanding Work

Even though the crew comes and works daily now, it seems that the work keeps piling up.

The Twins were here working on electrical stuff.  Like finishing hanging the mirrors and making them light.  Oh, yes!

They put up the cabinet in the master bath!  With that weird turntable.  I will have to get a photo of that tomorrow.

We ran into a problem with the overhead lighting in the bathroom.  It is just to big for the space.  I need to return them and find a somewhat smaller light.  Now I have to find the invoice and figure out where they came from!

And we addressed the pendants in the kitchen over the island, deciding what height to place them.

I decided I liked the kitchen pendants, a lot.

When Frank came home it was his opportunity to go to State Lumber and pick up the final group of crown moulding that will finish out the kitchen cabinets, the master bath and the fireplace cabinets.

Oh yes.....they put up part of the fireplace cabinets.

I offered the Twins brownies from Little Debbie and I think I inspired them to finish the house.  They want to come at 7 am tomorrow.  I said COME ON BUDDIES, COME ON!

I used the Instant Pot and made our first meal in the house.  Stew.  Simple, because I have no cook stove yet.  Rice was precooked in a packet.

Sneaky Spice, there is nothing like French Thyme and open electrical outlets, is there?  LOL

I used a healthy amount of cheap red wine in place of beef broth.  May have improved it, I am thinking.

This is the extent of my silverware.  Four for a dollar at the Dollar General!  I have a new set in the garage buried under some tools.

Now frank and I are heading to Lowes to get the final group of outlets and  covers and hopeful to get the handles for the kitchen cabinets.

I need 62 of those suckers.............

Dogs were very good today.  All lined up in beds outside while the guys worked inside.


  1. And the princess is closest to the door and in charge!

  2. The dogs were amazing. What did you cook that you substituted cheap red wine for broth. I love red wine, but it can get overpowering.

  3. You bet! I think Thyme is my favorite. After fresh Lemons. You should get yourself a Rosemary bush. OUght to be a perennial where you live. And Chives and Garlic Chives. I have them spread amongst my flower garden for interest. Plant lots and lots.

    Eager to see the house complete!
    Sneaky Spice!

  4. Wow! The progress is coming fast! Those fireplace cabinets are the bomb! I am hoping the enjoying of your new space will help soften the misery you have been going thru over the last 4 months. It doesn't replace what you have lost at all and I know you have lost so much, but at least you have a good start on moving forward. I can't even find the words to say how proud I am of you and Frank and how you have plowed thru all the tough times.

  5. It may not seem so, but they are making quick progress on the house. Of course, you can buy anyone off with a few Little Debbie brownies! Let me know if I need to send a few your way; I'll gladly help pay the guys! :)

  6. Simple stew and wine in a box- Who could ask for more. life is good


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