Tuesday, March 28, 2017

more quilts

And still more quilts for your viewing pleasure.

I won these as lotto blocks in one of my guilds.  I never really liked 30's fabrics.  When we chose 30's fabrics as the parameters I was comfortable knowing I never win anything.  Bam!  I win.

I ended up liking it a lot.  

I was working on this at the last retreat I went to last year.  It is a curved block that is randomly cut without a ruler.  Just slice that sucker up and sew it back to another piece!

I call this my Krista quilt.  I took a class from Krista Withers at QuiltCon in Austin.  She was amazing.  For some reason she is no longer teaching or quilting.  One day she up and sold her quilt machine and got out of the business.  Interestingly, the year I took the class with her, she won Best Machine Quilting. Go figure. 

She taught me how to parcel up the quilt top, how to lay out the quilting and how to choose what to do.

Like I said, she did amazing work.  Such an inspiration.

Even my poor first attempt to practice her techniques looks fabulous!

  I am so sorry she is no longer teaching these classes.  She is one I would follow to take classes anywhere she might be teaching!


  1. I remember you taking that class! LOL!! I never forget the dyeing class - the location, that was crazy! The memory of eating that evening at that Mexican restaurant outside, drinking margaritas, have good food, and beautiful weather still makes me smile!

  2. My favorite of these is your Krista quilt, but the 1930s quilt is pretty awesome. Don't you know when you end up in a drawing that you don't really want or need, you win? It's the best reason for not taking chances on those things. You don't want to waste your luck on them. Now when you do, and you end up liking the prize...well, I just don't know! Congratulations, regardless!


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