Friday, March 24, 2017

Quilt Show - Holiday Edition

I will titillate you with a few more quilts from the returning beauties.  These are ones that celebrate holidays.


I made this one for a challenge in the Remember Me Guild.  I won second place -- So close!
 It is a Buggy Barn pattern.  I can't remember what the Challenge was to do.  And since I put no label on it, there was nothing to help me there.  I really hate to put labels on for some reason.  Seems like it had something to do with the  peachy color.  Maybe a paint chip challenge.

It was fun to make and I really love the way it looks.

I designed this Santa Quilt was a challenge from the CyberGuild.  Way back.  The six of us sent each other a fat quarter.  And you had to use them all in your quilt.  It won second place.  Seems like I do a lot of second places!  The one that won was a gorgeous clamshell quilt.  I quilted this one last year after worrying about how to quilt it for like 8 years!  I love the way it turned out. 

Halloween!  I think of Charlene when I see this one!  I took a class with Ami Simms in Lafayette with Charlene.  Ami was delightful; and so funny.  The pattern is made with her ruler. She demonstrated how to use it and how to put the blocks together.   I love classes where you actually learn a new technique.  Of course everyone in the class used their own colors and styles so the results were varied and wonderful.

Another one I love!

Hope you enjoyed this Quilt Show - Holiday Edition.

More later!


  1. I remember that Class! It was called Twisted Sister. I gave the one I made to my sister.

  2. Ami Simms is awesome -- three very different kinds of quilts today (smile)

  3. Holiday Edition is absolutely a fun edition. Keep 'em coming! They are enjoyable AND it means you continue to get more quilts back.


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