Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Oh, no! Did I just start Another Quilt?

You betcha!  I don't jump in with just TWO feet!  LOL.

I have the issue of Caroline's new baby, Everest, needing welcome quilt.

 Oops, gratuitous baby picture....

I found me a pattern called Modern Crosses in one of the books I replaced from the flood.  I am slowly remembering all the great books I had and tearing up Amazon Prime.  About three months before the flood I bought a bedside shelf unit that had doors on the front.  Yep.  And put all my favorite books inside it.  All gone!

I had to get up last night because my back was hurting, so I pulled a background fabric.  Then I had to find 9 fat quarters that went with it.  I played around with those and had the desire to cut up the pieces into the 4 inch squares necessary for the pluses.

Then.....I had an overwhelming urge to put a few of them together.  One, well, maybe two.  Just two.....really.

I had to force myself to go lay on the sofa.  My back was hurting anyway.

So today, I have a muscle relaxant, a steroid shot and a steroid pack.  And an appointment with a lower spine doctor.

I did work on the Twin Girl quilt.  It is almost ready to straighten and put the columns together.  Looking good!

I am going to sit and watch the Grand Finale of Dancing With the Stars! 

Oh.....and nobody noticed the new header?????  Wha?????


  1. When I opened your blog I noticed the new header. What is it from?

    Your plus quilt makes me think of floppy disks.

  2. Wow, there really are a lot of babies arriving in your sphere :) I have my fingers crossed that your back pain can be alleviated without surgery. You just don't need anything more!!

  3. I noticed it this morning! Looks wonderful. Glad you have some powerful meds to help the back!

  4. oh yes, he looks cold....a quilt is definitely in order

  5. Yes, I noticed and it makes me happy that the flood is behind you and a quilt is in front.

  6. Making baby quilts is a great way to get back into the swing of things! I hope your back problems get solved quickly.


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