Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Twin Quilt Tops Done

 I am really glad you noticed the header photos.  It was made in a Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana  (CFAL) class by Marianne Williamson.  She is a fiber artist from Florida who uses lots of scraps, different fibers and unbelievably PAINT.  Wall paint.  She goes to the hardware stores and buys those little cans of mismatched paint someone thought was no good. 

She then stitches the devil  out of her pieces! 

Check out her work here:i

Marianne Williamson - Fiber Artist

Unfortunately, I have not seen my piece come back in the flood fabric returns.  It may be gone forever.   I really liked it too.

 Twin Quilts

I put the two quilts up to photograph and realized I still needed a top and bottom border!

I guess I was just a bit.. uh...over enthusiastic.

Borders are remedied now.  Ah, much better.

Now to choose a back.  My original plan was  to finish them and use one length of grey to quilt them together on the long arm.  But there is a problem.

There is the Leaf Quilt still on the frame from the day the flood hit.  If you remember one of last posts before the flood hit.  It was all about the leaves I was working on. 

Done, Done, Done, Done and Done

I guess I need to finish that quilt and get it off the frame to bind.  I actually have the binding already made.  And I know where it is!


  1. G[d! I see binding in my foture.

  2. Ah, I saw the change in the header right away, and smiled at the symbolism, and was glad to see you blogging about quilting again... just been too busy to comment. Have fun. Enjoy doing what you want to do...

  3. I hope you'll be able to work on te longarm with your back pain. And I further hope working on leaf quilt in a healing, cathartic way. Can't wait to see your new quilts finished :)

  4. Yup, she's got her MOJO back :-)
    Yippee eeeehaw!


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