Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Modern Crosses For Everett

See that, Kate gets me!  She saw the symbolism of the rising sun on the world!  If I had a prize, you would have won!

I now have lost 15.6 lbs and am halfway to goal!

So I worked on this today and got it to the top stage.  This one was fun.  Caroline is pretty staid so I wanted modern improv, but controlled modern improv.  I like it.

Here are all the Plus Blocks, I guess these are crosses, huh.

Here they are spread out.  Getting a feel for how many sashing strips I need.

 With the sashing in, it spreads out the crosses.  They look good. 

 It looked even better with everything all trimmed and proper. 

At the last minute I decided to make it not square.  You have heard me complain before that I just don't like square quilts.  So I made this one not square.  This makes it 41 wide and about 52 long. 

 I would have added more of the background to the top and bottom......but I used EVERY LAST inch of that fabric!  This is all I had left.

I can still take it off. What do you think?

My back felt better, that shot worked pretty fast.  Now I need to make the appointment with the spine doctor.  I still feel the tightness and the muscles up the side of the spine were sending spasms to my right shoulder.  What's up with that?  I think it was Suzette who recommended the bungee chair as a replacement in my sewing room.  And it is a really a comfortable chair.  I tend to sit further back in it. Which makes my posture better and my back hurt less.  

Hopefully the steroids will clear up my sinuses and stop this incessant ringing in my ears.  Little chance of that though, I think the ringing is a fixture.  Must be from the years I toured in that rock band!

You know, I have a lot of problems.  None of them are going to kill me though.  They will just make me miserable until something else does!


  1. That's 3 new baby quilts but when are you going to start Noah's or do I have to come sew on it? All 3 tops are fantastic, by the way!

  2. I like the blue solid you added to make the quilt not square. It would be a nice area to echo the cross pattern with your quilting. Sounds like some body issues are being solved and other pop up, but you keep moving forward! Congratulations on the additional weight loss.

  3. I didn't know you bought the chair. What color did you get? Glad you like it.

  4. DH has the ringing in the ears - it comes and goes and I need to ask him what he did that seemed to help.

  5. There is an over the counter medication that works for many people to stop ringing in your ears. please ask your pharmacist. Love Everett's quilt.

  6. Such pretty colors in this quilt. I especially like the background fabric. My favorite, though, are the centers of the crosses...great design!


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