Tuesday, June 27, 2017

She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountains

Today I put the backing together together for the Mountains quilt.  It used up about 5 yards of my assorted brown-y orangey leafy fabrics.  I had leftover delectable Mountain pieces and was able to add some additional ones to make a center back of interesting proportions.

I don't measure anything.  I just let the quilt hang on the design wall and cover it with enough fabric to make the backing.   Why make life difficult?

I really wanted to get it done because the Twins are (really) coming tomorrow to put in the lights in the quilt studio.  Really.  I think.

It is now ready to be put on the long arm, and.  Can do that in the dining room where the longarm resides.  I can finish up that last block with the new green thread, and pop on the Mountains.

I can use my new stool.  It is a Varidesk seat.  Those are the desks you can lift to stand and work.  The stool lifts way up to bring you to the level of the longarm bed, and it leans 20 degrees so you don't have to fall off the barstool when you are moving the head.  It engages the core so you may actually get a workout while you quilt!  Wouldn't that be killing the proverbial two birds?

So far my back has not hurt while I was working sitting on the stool.

I have been looking for a cabin or lodge in the Smoky Mountains for a two day stay sometime in August when we head out to visit Chuck and Jennifer and then Howard.  Any ideas?  I would like to stay out of Gatlinburg, we find that way too commercial now.  We always stayed at the Muntain View in Gatlinburg for like, 20 years.  Now we move out to the wilder places.

 And the Fabulous Bonnie Doon's breeder is in Bryson City, so that area is attractive.  We could have dinner with my old Swissy friends.  The place we really wanted to stay burned in the forest fire that went through there last year.  So sad, it was very beautiful.

Let me know where you like to stay there.

I still like that iron idea.........I think we can do it, Patty!  Little doggy feet, gotta love 'em!


  1. Cool stool - glad it keeps your back from hurting. And I like the quilt's new name, too.

  2. That stool is the bomb! Glad you back has quit hurting. Hope you find a place to stay in TN.


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