Sunday, June 25, 2017

We're Gonna Be Millionaires!

Patty The Quilt Lady and I have hatched the best plan.  We are going to manufacture and sell the perfect iron.  It will:

Be lightweight so you can iron all day.
Last forever so you only need to buy one.
Come in six exciting colors.


When it raises up, you see little doggy feet!

Until we sell our first couple of hundred thousand, I'll be working on this Mountains Quilt for Chuck and Jennifer.  I got it put together today; worked ALL day long.

We had tickets to Beauty and the Beast.  I knew Carrie would enjoy it ( and a couple of non-baby adult hours)  so I gallantly gave up my ticket and she went with Frank.  They both loved it.

The day worked out well for all of us!

And you will be happy to note......

I have four blocks for Sawyer's quilt.

Although one of them is incorrect.

(but not the one you think!)


  1. Yah! Time with Lawyer's quilt. I will buy one of your irons.

  2. All the blocks are beautiful, so who cares if one is not right.

  3. Oh my we have a lot of work to do - find someone to design the iron, a manufacturer, and see if we can come up with our own lift system in case there is a patent on our competitor's system. Those are pretty blocks for Sawyer's quilt.

  4. Hmmmm - lasts a lifetime? That means no repeat business . . . unless quilters want one of each color :-)

  5. Please make one that you can program in the amount of minutes before it shuts off without use so I don't have to.keep starting it up again and again. I'll take one in orange please


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