Saturday, June 24, 2017

Green Thread

I spent all day removing the corner quilting on the last block in the Leaves quilt.  Or, that was what it felt like.  That was the quilt on the. Longarm when the flood came through the door and my life stopped.  The only color green I had was dark.  Once I got it on there, I didn't like it.  Just the corner was quilted, but the stitches are tight and difficult to remove.

By the time I got it all out,  y back was killing me.  Yesterday I ordered a magnified head gear that has a light like our hiking headlamps.  We shall see if it makes it easier to see the stitches.

I also ordered a high workbench sit stand seat that I s ergonomic and tilts from side to side so I don't have to constantly move it.  My bar stool i am using is the exact height I need.  But not so practical

Frank needed a wheelbarrow wheel so we went to the Lowes near the Joanns so I could get a better green thread for that one remaining block.

I didn't get a chance to use it because Frank wanted to head to Best Buy to get a Bose Sound Bar for the TV. We had a fabulous Bose Surround System in there before the flood.  He could turn it on and the TV would sound like you were at the movies!

The new systems are wireless and consists of just the sound bar under the TV, which is mounted on the wall, and a sub woofer.  I don't know what that is, but I like the woofer part.

No more speakers spread around the ceilings, although it pretty expensive, it sounds way better that the old system.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing that one block;  getting the quilt off the poles....finally.

And start putting the blocks together on Chuck/Jennifer Delectable Mountains so they can go ON the poles!  Man, I gotta find a better name for that quilt !!


  1. Congratulations on the great sound system. Hope you find a thread you like for the quilt. When I get to the point that a quilt is annoying in any way it is tough to quilt at all.

  2. Hopefully there were enough thread choices so that you were able to find the perfect one. The quilt is gorgeous!
    Enjoy the new sound system. Those seem pretty amazing. Let me know if they control volume--I hate when the TV gets louder for some commercials and would love if something else could to control it automatically. I'm not very good remembering to mute.

  3. The leaf quilt is fabulous! That will be a good job done!


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