Friday, June 23, 2017

Oliso Iron

Do any of you have an Oliso Iron?  When they first came out, a number people had problems with them.  Not sure what they are like


I think I need a new iron, mine does not seeem to be heating up enough since the flood.  Could be my imagaination, but when I go to the Quilt Haus the iron there seems to do bettr than mine.

Massdrop has the

Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron for $79.00 and amazon Prime haas it for $89.00

 Oliso® TG1050 SmartIron with Itouch® Technology





  1. I should send you a picture of my iron! It's on my brain list to buy but I never remember when I head to Walmart, Best Buy...etc. Will be interested in responses to your post.

  2. I bought one at the Quilt Sewing and Expo years ago. It lasted a year and pooped out. I managed to find the vendor and they sent me a replacement. It didn't last another year and it was more expensive than $79. I think I paid around $130 for mine. Now I usually buy a Black and Decker digital advantage for around $35.00. They usually last me a couple of years.

  3. The only quilter I know who shows one often in her photos is Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I use a Panasonic Shark from Walmart and when it starts to poo out, I dump it and get a new one (under $50).

  4. I inherited my mothers old black and deckers. Any irons I've bought have all gone to iron heaven. So I always bought cheap and easy to replace.

  5. I have a pattern Panasonic cordless and like it. Has lasted me 3 years. Don't remember how much but I doubt I would have paid more than 50 bucks for an iron. I've not heard good things about any expensive iron. Buy cheap and replace when it poops out.

    1. Autocorrect put pattern in there but there is no pattern for the Panasonic otherwise I would make one and send it to you - lol!

  6. I have a $12 iron from Fred's; I go really cheap. This one's been around for over a year and gets nice and hot. The trick, I found, is to never put water in the iron. Water causes that incontinence problem that makes a mess on fabric. I just use a regular spray bottle when I need.
    Don't get me wrong, I would not snub my nose at an Oliso, but at $199 at Joann they are way too rich for me. I'd probably get tangled in the cord and jerk it off the ironing board. That is exactly what I did with my $12 iron a few weeks ago except I didn't feel a bit of regret for the breakage. Besides, it still works.

  7. The best 2 irons I have are from yard sales, they are from the 1970's and get way hotter than today's new irons. I also have a newer Rowenta iron that I bought from Wal-mart a few years ago and have had no problems with it even though I've dropped it a few times and it is cheaper than the Oslio.


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