Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pink Squares

You have to go to Kokaquilts and see my Wolf!  Julie  and Linda are featuring me in their blogpost for Sew, Stitch, Snap and Share.

And of course I am linking up with them for this week's Share.

 Pink is done!!

 Simple meander.  Not complicated.  This is just a quilt that is made to be used and loved.

It is for Kaitlyn. Sweet Kaitlyn.  She is going to love it!

Carol of Quilted Fabric Art told me about an online class by Anglela Walters doing Free motion Quilting.   The FreeMotion Challenge.

I decided to sign up with her.

The first week is echo quilting and meander.

Hey, got this meander thing down, so I decided to kick it up a notch.

I made a circle for the meander quilting.  The circle acted like the echo quilting.

I added lines to the rest of it.  The piece is a charity quilt and I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time or effort on it.

Here is the whole picture.  I trimmed it after I took the photo. 

I made several bubbles.  I guess that will be the name, Bubbles.

The back is a random piece I pulled, boy like.

And once again, I need to do the binding on both the pink and the bubbles.


  1. The quilts turned out great! That on-line class sounds interesting. So does that mean you will be quilting at least one quilt a week? You could end up putting a good dent in your UFO pile!

  2. A sweet little quilt! I struggle with fmq, must check out the class as it does sound good. Thanks for sharing with 'sew stitich snap SHARE'.

  3. I'm doing the FMQ Challenge, too -- not a big fan of meandering but I did my practice pieces anyway. Not sure I want to do a full Jack's Basket quilt with it though. I think I'll wait to see what comes next!

  4. Nice pink quilt!
    I watch Angela Walters fm tutorials on YouTube and her Midnight Quilter series on YouTube.
    She's got a good sense of humor and she's easy to understand.

  5. Two bindings and you'll have two lovely finishes. It will be intersting to see where Angela's fmq qal takes us!


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