Monday, February 19, 2018

Diamond Dogs

When we moved here 32 years ago, the back yard was a total mess.  we cleared out a section in the back and opened up more than half the space.  We spent the next 15 years landscaping, building a Japanese Rock Garden and a beautiful deck.  And more recently Carrie and I built a back patio of slate stones.

In the furthest back part there has always been these trillium that appear and bloom in the spring.  they are a weed found all over Louisiana and Mississippi.  It looks like something one would cultivate doesn't it.

I really need to make a piece featuring the lowly trillium. 

I have some big plans for the grandbaby soon.   I am working on setting him up in some classes we can take together.  Fun, more on that later.  I have to go to the Zoo this week, so I can grab him and get him in the wagon and wheel him through to the back.  I used to work at the zoo.  part of my job was to help prepare the food for the various animals and birds.  Amazingly, a lot of them got raw onions for dinner.

And in quilting news, I was able to get Diamond Dogs on the frame and quilt a meandering pattern all over it.  I have to say, the quilting actually
improved the look of the quilt.  I really like it.

It is very flat, which is a good thing.
I got it trimmed up tonight.  I was able to cut and apply the binding, but still need to sew it down.
I am still working on the binding for the Triangles quilt.  One more side!

I am linking up to Freemotion by the River so hop on over there and see what the others are working on.  Maybe add your own linky!

I spent some time this morning
with Trinity who did some dry needling on my back and hip.  I feel a lot better but the places she worked on are sore.  I am hoping I can continue the dry needling for eternity.


  1. Diamond Dogs turned out great! You have been making some great progress on getting quilts done!

  2. Send me some of your energy. The back and front of "Diamond Dogs" look great.

  3. Yea for you!!! Idle hands are the know the saying! Keep on keeping on! Look forward to what classes you get to take with little one!

  4. Dry needling? Is that acupuncture Sounds painful. Love the trillium. It's different than the ones.we have here in the northeast but similar ( if that makes any sense) my mother always called the red ones stink pots. They don't smell very good but since they are one of the first flowers we don't care.


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