Friday, February 16, 2018

Of the Wall Friday

I really like Off  the Wall Fridays!  Today she talked about taking a Skip Day with her daughter when she was in high school.  And Nina Marie took at Skip Day today!  And she posted the blogpost late today because of that!  LOL

So I am linking up to her Off the Wall post.  Go check out what the others are doing.....

 So I haven't worked on anything in the last two days because I have had Sawyer.  I pulled him in the wagon twice today and once yesterday.

I am so glad we kept that wagon here so we could roll him to all the important places a baby needs to be seen. Even if he is still in his pajama at 11 AM.

I can show you the progress I made on the Red Riding Hood and the Wolf quilt.   I got one more forest block made on Wednesday. 

It was the one in the middle top row.  The next one I need is the light polka dot background and the dark forest block in that bottom right corner.  

 I had to share this sent by my cousin today.  Her son is in his first year at the Naval Academy and he was at the Army-Navy game.  It makes you think.  These are the men who will be protecting our freedoms with their lives.  

 This past season I saw an amazing football game:

1. The player's hair fit under their helmets.

2.  No tattoos could be seen.

3.  There were no outlandish end zone celebrations.

4.  There was no taunting.

5.  Opposition players helped each other up after a play

6.  Footballs were not spiked or left for the referee to retrieve; they were handed to the referee.

7.  No one took a knee on the sideline.

8.   Players stood at attention during the playing of the national anthem.

9. It's great to watch an Army-Navy game.


  1. I have always loved the Little Red Riding Hood pattern. Did you create it?

  2. Awww, look at Sawyer enjoying the wagon ride! You know I have that same wagon that I used to pull my two daughters around our street. They loved a wagon ride for a long time (or at least as long as i could pull them around!). And now, I pull my granddaughter around in it; the same exact street. And some of the neighbors have said "I remember you pulling your daughters around in that wagon!"

  3. We too kept a wagon at our house for grands! Wait until they reach a point where they hold the handle and go racing down the street! I videotaped for my son and DIL to watch! My son just shook his head and said "what else will you teach them"...he loves it!

  4. Love the Red Riding Hood pattern!

  5. I wish I would of had a wagon like that when my son was little. I use to push him around town in a hand-me-down stroller and later on put in a add on bike seat and biked around town with him behind me. Neither of us had a helmet on and the thought of that now horrifies me!


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