Monday, January 25, 2010

Whew! Another String project!

They are addictive! LOL. Especially when you see how many scraps they use up. Scraps that I have lovingly saved just knowing there would be a wonderful use for them down the road. And here it is. Thanks LC for having this challenge. These wonderful projects would still be in an incubator somewhere in my head!

I figure I can make these bags and in the coming year, when I need a gift bag, VOILA! there one is! I did some bags for Christmas presents, but since Bonnie Doon was sick then it was not possible to sit and sew so much. I miss my beautiful girl!
Anyway, here is the front and back of a tote bag!



  1. I love what you are doing with your scraps. What an inspiration. I must try to make a bag like yours.

  2. Great work - isn't the challenge terrific. I have never had so much fun with a 'box of scraps'.

  3. This is one of the projects I'd like to make in the challenge. You did a great job on your tote!


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