Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quilt of Valor - a personal hero

I heard from a Swissy Friend of mine who recently returned to Maine after being stationed at the Naval Base in Belle Chasse LA with her husband and two boys. Hubby is a Marine who has been to the Middle East more than a couple of times.

She said he was being promoted to Colonel and we were invited to his promotion party in New Orleans! Yeah!

So I decided he needed his own personal Quilt of Valor! Since I met them though the dogs, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog guys, it is a red/white/blue 9 patch with a Swissy sitting on it. Billie Lauper's pattern "Who's On My Quilt?

In fact, Dutch and my first Swissy Quilt is on the back cover of her book!

So even better!


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