Friday, January 29, 2010

bright and sunny, if only on fabric

Today is dreary and rainy. At times violent rains swell the canals and block up traffic. So I went fabric shopping.

I am enamored of the quilts I see on these more modern girl blogs. They are what I seem to be loving now. Very square blocks, lots of color on stark white.

So while at the quilt shop choosing colors for the Patch No Work quilt, which was really really fun thanks to color guru Beth, I saw a couple of FQs in lime green and sunny yellow. I envisioned them against a stark white background. Squares. Definitely squares.

So I bought them. What else could I do?


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  2. I would have bought those also. And definetly white on white background. The contrast is absolutely fantastic.

  3. Thanks, Marie~ I a learning to adapt to new ways and new colors!


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