Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mom's birthday bash

Today was my mother's 79th birthday.  Although I had to keep reminding her that it was her birthday.  We brought her a new television yesterday and Frank went over this morning to set it up on a wall bracket.  We had made plans for my brother and his family to come in town for lunch. 

When I got there I said, today is the day Kenny is coming.
Oh, she said, why is he coming?
It is your birthday today, I said cheerfully.
Oh?  she says, dubiously.
Frank is putting up the TV we got you for your birthday, I announce.
No! she says adamantly, I can't afford a TV like that.
I say, but we bought it for you for your birthday!
Oh, she says.  Can we go get some coffee now?

We walk down to the dining room to get a cup of coffee and encounter several ladies along the way.  I cheerfully announce to each group, Oh, today is my momma's birthday!
Oh, they all squeal in that old lady kind of way.  Happy Birthday, they tell her.
Is it my birthday? she leans in and asks me skeptically.
Yes, I assure her, it is.

When Kenny arrives she says, oh, how did you know where I was?
He says, glen told us and we came to see you for your birthday, and presents her with a nice yellow daisy plant.  (I bought a TV, he brings a plant.  Inheritances should not be equal.)
Oh, she looks at me, is it my birthday?  Really?
Yes, I assure her again for the umpteenth time.

I am thinking that she may have had multiple happy birthdays today, each time was a new treat.


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  1. glen,
    thanks for signing up for the quilt process flickr group! helped me find your blog!! btw...happy birthday to your mom...mine just turned 80! looking forward to gteat process talk!


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