Thursday, May 20, 2010

Other People's Squirrels and Miniature Quilts

I am happy to say that my squirrels do not act like they are at home with me......yet!  But I have a quilting buddy in Texas whose squirrels are hilarious!  They really make themselves at home.

(I just hope my squirrels do not read blogs!)

We had a Sassi Stripper meeting tonight.  And it was the first real meeting that I have not presided over in like 3 years!  It felt GOOD!  Linda did a fabulous job of President-ing.  And she looked great. 

We had a wonderful program from GSQA Circuit teacher Sherry Herringshaw.  Sherry does scrappy quilts and the most beautiful and tiny miniature quilts you ever saw!  And many of the ones she showed us had ribbons attached to them!  This one, a Log Cabin Quilt, is 11 by 11 inches.  Yep, those are 1 1/2 inch squares with 13 bars in each one!  Unbelievable! I have done a few of these miniatures, well, not actually like these, I would have shot my self between the eyes had I attempted this one!

She does truly beautiful work. Another thing she does is Angle Play classes.  I took several of these from her a few years back.  They involve angles and very geometric blocks.  Here is mine.  (oh, it is not a miniature, by the way!)

The last class I took from her was a scrappy square.  She teaches scrappy techniques in choosing the fabrics to make the quilt flow.  She is a great resource and we were glad to have her tonight!

Thanks Sherry!


  1. That sounds like a lecture I would enjoy...especially the last part.

  2. OOps you were asking about a different quilt...I'll get back with you after I find it and after the Water Park today. I blogged about the copy my Mother made here:


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