Monday, June 7, 2010

Design Wall Monday 6-7-10

My design wall is a mish mash of stuff this week.  I found part of a UFO in a bag stuffed in a corner of my quilt room.  So I pulled it out and completed the rows of 4 inch squares to give me a charity quilt.  Then I found some really nice linen material in my mom's stuff and made a purse with a really bad they have a charity for purses?

THEN I put up my Patch No Work to make myself feel bad and finish it.

for more design walls, check out Judy's blog at:
I finally got the pictures up.  It is like that ever expanding mess, I went to post pictures but the computer kept blipping.  Not sure if it was because of the raging thunderstorm or the fact that my picture folder for the quilt stuff is so huge.  Since I couldn't do anything about the thunderstorm I started splitting up the years in my quilt pictures.  After that, the lightening was so bright and loud that Dutch was freaking out.  All 120 lbs of him was trying to get on my lap while I was moving pictures around.  (Sorry the computer doesn't want me putting a picture here.)  So I quit a bit and sat on the sofa with him.  We watched reruns of Two and a Half Men.  Then I still had to put the pictures up!

I think I have everything done now.  And I need to begin putting my pictures on CDs.  I can play them on the television if I do that and it saves them if the lightening hits the house.

Do you think I will be that on the ball?  Probably not, but it is a good thought.



  1. I like that purse. What does it matter about the lining - no one is going to see it but you.

    I say use it.
    Great work.

  2. I agree with ANudge; don't show anyone the lining and use it or rip it out and do it again. The seam ripper is your friend.(I say a sewing mistake is much easier to repent of than real life mistakes.)

  3. Glen, Alzheimer's is a terrible disease, isn't it? Remember caregivers need to take care of themselves should prescribe for yourself some stress reducing quilting time. BTW the purse looks great and I agree with Angie what does it matter about the lining?


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