Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Lusting Thing and Seeing the Albuquerque Family again


I have a new thing to lust after.......check it out! 

And then you ask, what in the world would you do with that?  I have no idea, but it sure does look cool.

To celebrate seeing the displaced Louisiana to Albuquerque nephew and family we had crawfish and fixings at his momma's house in Addis, LA.  Boy did we feast.  It was good to see the kids, they are growing like weeds.    If you look closely you can see the deer sausage they tossed in the boiler. 

Jason, the boys and Rodney are headed off to Bayou Pigeon for a couple of days of fishing and man stuff.  Stacey will catch up with some of her friends and enjoy the sauna that is Louisiana. 


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