Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am going to be first for Design Wall Monday!

Even if I have to CHEAT!  Yes, no matter how early I post in the morning, I always end up 30 or later.  Last week when I had a fighting chance at being in the 20's, blogger kept kicking me out of the program.  I couldn't get in until late afternoon.........and there I was in the 40's.  Aughhhhhh!

So now I am going to cheat.  I have not looked at the site to see if it is even up, but I will not sleep tonight if I have to so I can get upwards of the 20's.  I will make it higher, I will.

Oh, the design wall...yes....let's see if I even have anything on it.  Whew! yes, I do, sweeties.

On the design wall are the products of the 15 Minutes A Day Project from Bumble Beans.  You spend 15 minutes a day making fabric from scraps, square them up, and you have a block.  It is a mindless mindbending job, that teaches me to create wildly and insanely.  And It hit me this evening about what to do with them.

I will make a Swissy quilt.............huh?  Maybe..........

PS -- just looked at Judy's site, not up yet.  Sigh....another sleepless night for me I guess.
PPS -- darn darn darn.....I fell asleep and then had to leave early this morning and I am , what #41!  Aughhhhh----------next week, to the top!


  1. Hey, you know you are getting quite talented at this 15 minutes a day stuff. There might be a career in there for you. Think about it - working only 15 minutes a day - not bad.

  2. Next week you will be in the top 10, I am sure :) I am up at 4 am every morning and I have never been in the top 10.

  3. I'm working at the 15 min project too. Isn't it fun? Good luck cracking the top 10 next week!

  4. Love the blocks! What size you you trimming them to?

  5. These blocks you've made look very pretty. I like making these sort of blocks too - love using those bits of fabric up.
    I've also wanted to be among the first few on Judy's blog but being on the West coast, I am always too late! :)

  6. Fat chance! my quilt arriving at your house! I don't even have your address. I have some of those blocks too, they are fun to do.

  7. You are funny! It's good to aim high! Maybe if you bribe Judy, she might bump you up on the list! LOL

  8. love these blocks. great idea to be creative and use up scraps. i think you may have to psyche blogger out to get in the top 20:) Good luck next week!

  9. I'd love to see a Swissy quilt!


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