Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look what I bought yesterday!

I am so excited.  But I did spend two days trying to find a place that will blow up large pages to larger pages.  I wanted to enlarge this tiger by 150% so I needed a place with a graphics plotter.
Finally found one today!  yeah!  Now to hunt down just the perfect fabrics!   What a fun weekend to look forward to.

 Is this not a gorgeous piece?  I was breathless when I saw the one this lady was working on at the quilt guild last week.  It is hanging in the shop now.  I would never let it out of my sight if I made one of these.  Although I think an LSU fan friend of mine will try to purloin it.  And I may have to make two of them to ransom mine back!

Do they have one like this that is a horse?  Or maybe a zebra?  Oh, I want the zebra.  Maybe I can make one myself. 

Maybe I better just get this one finished first.......

glen:  love love love the tiger boy


  1. This would be great for us Clemson Tiger fans!!

  2. Wow - are you free handing or following a pattern. You are one adventurous lady. I love the big 'lion' photo from the San Diego zoo a few blogs back but don't know how to start it.

    Hugs - Marie


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