Friday, July 30, 2010

The Laundry Fairies are real, don't cha know

I had a lot of errands to do yesterday, as you read in the last post so I won't rehash.  If you didn't read then just know it was a lot and had some added on to it as the day waxed. (college word, our family likes to point them out for each other.)

So I asked my Alzheimer Mom if she wanted to go with me.  Of course, YES!  So I pick her up.  I was going to pick up her laundry, and bring it back clean tomorrow.  But when I got there the basket was empty.  I asked, Where are your dirty clothes?  She said clearly, I didn't have any dirty clothes.

I tend to get frustrated, but I wasn't there just yet, I just couldn't believe that there were no dirty clothes after 4 days.  (I was incredulous, how's that for a college word?)  So I plunged back in with, What do you do with your clothes you take off every night?  She responds with, I put them in the dirty clothes hamper right there, and points to the empty hamper.

I tried a different approach in a different voice, When you get undressed, where does your dirty underwear go?  In the dirty clothes hamper, she replies, getting a bit outdone with me,  They come in and clean my laundry.  And they bring it back folded.  (which I know is not me because I don't fold her stuff.)

So I walk over and pick up the empty hamper and upend it (crossword puzzle word here), and head over to her dresser because I am pretty sure at this point she is taking them off and putting them back in the drawer, maybe?  I begin to go through her unmentionables, and smell them.  Well, how else do you see if they are clean?  They LOOKED clean, but did they SMELL clean?  That was the question.

But the system failed me because I have a very stopped up head due to the fact that I live in an alien world with pollen that is trying to kill me.  So I just began to dump her unmentionables and unsmellables into the dirty clothes basket.  Well, I needed SOMETHING to take home and wash, didn't I????

When we returned from our errands, I walked her to the lobby to wait for the oldie but goodie film that was being shown in the chapel.  I found the head housekeeper lady, who knows everything about everybody there.  And I asked if her staff was doing my mom's laundry.  I wasn't paying for this particular service but thought maybe they might have been doing it a goodwill gesture........

No, she says, they are not.  So the Director Delores comes over and asks my mom, what happens to your dirty laundry?  My mom says.......they come in very very early every morning and take my laundry and clean it.  Oh? says Delores, It sounds like you have the Laundry Fairies!

To which, my mom turns to me, puts her hands on her hips (looking just like a petulant 3 year old) and says to me with a really smug looking grin on her face:  See!  I told you they were doing my laundry!

The housekeeper had to pick Director Delores up off the floor and together they limped away trying to keep the laughter that wracked their bodies from being noticed by my petulant, smug mother. 

They left me standing there fighting convulsing fits of laughter!

I sure wish the Organization Fairies would come and clean up my sewing room........I promise I wouldn't laugh at them.


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  1. OMG!! I can just see you standing there smelling your mother's underwear. I'm going to start to worry about you soon. Besides, everyone knows about the laundry fairies - they are the same one that hides The Dude's socks under the bed so that I only wash half a pair at a time.

    Hugs - Marie


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