Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clean up my crap challenge or CUMCC

The Quilt Show is hung and happy, the Demonstration Day is over and successful and the Balloon Fest was hot but beautiful. 

So I decided that, despite my headache from being out in the weather conditions for the last two days, I would do some work on the CUMCC (or Come See as linguistically stated) and see what I could get in order.  I was thinking the whole time, won't V and Co be proud of me, working on my CUMCC with a horrible headache.  I should really get extra points for having such a medical obstacle and STILL doing CUMCC.  Yeah, buddy, BIG prize.

My cutting table is 8 feet long, with about 3 of those feet taken up by the recessed bed that holds my sewing machine.  That leaves about 5 feet by 3 foot deep space to do my piecing and cutting and laying out of fabrics (not to be confused with laying on of hands which I do when I am fondling my fabrics).  But lately I have been working in about 1 foot by 1 foot of space because there is so much crap on my cutting table.  This was my plan:

1. Get boxes
2.  Find patterns in magazines and books that I want to make
3. Lay fabrics out for laying on of the hands
4.  While laying on the hands, begin to sort the fabrics into groupings that constitute a kit for a pattern I want to make
5.  Put the fabrics, magazine or pattern and box together in another corner of the room.  (Hey, at least it won't be on the cutting table, right?)
6.  Take pictures as I go along and post to the blog
7. Send the blog post to V and Co to prove I am really trying in spite of this headache.
8.  Win a big prize for going above and beyond doing CUMCC work with a headache.

So let's get started.  I have been gathering boxes, so that is good.  I am in the #2 section.  I have found that it is closely related to the #3 section or the laying out for the laying on of hands.  I do sit on the sofa at night and look through books and magazines to find little (or big) delights I want to make.  And I have  a number of them bookmarked.  Now to combine them with fabrics.  And that involves the laying on of the hands. (Can you tell that I like this part??)

Some photos to prove it:

What looks like white in the pattern photo is really a nice gray.  Very nearly like the one in the fabric.  I like this combination a lot.  It has caused me to stall a bit (it is that laying on of hands thing that gets me all the time) but I am regrouping and hope to get back on track now.  And the headache is still there.  I wonder if V and Co is listening, I am waiting for that BIG prize to come my way.  Here is another kit I put together using blue and green batiks.  I had no idea I had so many blue and green batiks!  What a delightful find!

I ended up with 16 boxes filled with "kits" I made with fabrics from my stash.  But I can't begin them until I finish more of the UFO stack in the OTHER corner!

<<<<<<<<<< later that day>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Then I got sidetracked with some 15 minute play blocks and some 2 1/2 inch squares I found under a pile of something.  See why I never get anything cleaned up?

glen:  off to dinner now........

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  1. I had to laugh at our comments about proof reading your comments!
    Ha my sewing room is worse than yours.... I am trying to clean it up and may resort to throwing away a ton of scraps and magazines.......shhhhh don't tell anyone or I'll really catch it from our fellow quilters!

    Happy sewing and cleaning :0) ( misery loves company)


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