Thursday, August 5, 2010

Quilts from the ceiling

Yesterday we hung the quilts from the ceiling. We had 26 pieces to hang in the foyer area, 5 down to the kid's area and another 8 in the kid's room. That number does not include the small and medium sized hangings on the wall and the board by the meeting rooms.

The look of the quilts hanging from the ceiling was incredible. The pictures don't give the impact you feel when you walk in and look at it in person. But if you are in the UK or Wisconsin it is the next best thing!

The center one is a gorgeous hand applique. These hit you when you walk in the front door.

We also have a number of  dolls and purses and antique items and a gorgeous portrait in the glass cases.

Looking down on one side of the row. The work on the quilts is impressive. Some are machined quilted, some hand quilted.

These are the largest quilts that needed to be folded over the hanging posts because they were too long to hang. We were concerned about the effect, but it looks just fine!

Here is another group of the ceiling hangers. This is in the opposite side of the magazine stacks. The interesting thing is every time I have been in the library people have stopped me asking if any of them were for sale. I laughed, and said, make me an offer! One lady said, maybe A hundred dollars??

I really laughed then!

glen: I wanted to say, Go to Walmart, but I didn't!


  1. Most people don't know how expensive quilt fabric is! Not to mention the labor!

  2. I just discovered your blog through Judy L's. Your Swissies drew me in cuz I'm a BMD owner from Alaska who grew up with Bassett Hounds. How do your Swissies handle the Louisiana heat? I can't imagine my berners living anywhere but Alaska with their double coats. Of yeah...and I'm a quilter...with a lint roller in my hip holster to tame the never-ending supply of dog hair. Boy...the comment of the gal offering $100 really hit home...such frustration at the lack of appreciation. Can't blame folks for looking for a bargain...when people ask me about buying a quilt I say I'm willing to teach them to make their own.

  3. Debbie, I can't write you back personally because you don't have your email tied to your post.

    My dogs are hot, but then we all are. Dutch stays inside, but he wants to be by me most of the day. And Chloe the Smelly Basset loves to bake in the hot hot sun because it enhances her smelliness........(read baked whatever she rolled in this morning!)

    Bonnie Doon would sun daily then come in. Pepsi would sun daily as well.

    My ex-business partner is from Alaska and I have several friends we visit when we travel up there every few years. I love Alaska. It is so beautiful, and cold, and mountains, sigh!

    Stop by when you can!

  4. One hundred dollars for a quilt. I've heard comments like that before and tried to explain to people why it cost so much. They see those 'hand-made quilts' from China on QVC or HSN for $39 and wonder why they should pay more. Oh well....they get what they paid for.

  5. Yes, people have been shocked when I tell them to expect prices over $750 for a simple quilt.
    Most of the ones I have sold, however, have been to friends or to the dog club raffles and most of those have gone for under $500.

    They say budding artists don't really value their work properly. I guess that is true!


  6. Hanging quilts are so pretty. People have no idea about the cost of making a quilt. I've been asked to do custom work and when I tell them how much (and I price too low) they then back out. Yes, go to Walmart.

  7. I love how the quilts look hanging from the ceiling and that you combined two of my favorite things-quilts and libraries!


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