Monday, August 2, 2010

I was Number One all day! -- and the quilt show begins to hang

I just told somebody that I really didn't set goals for myself, but I guess I lied.  Because as I do this post I realize I did set a goal of being #1 on Judy's list.  (I really think she should give me a prize or something for achieving that goal.) 

The best part of the whole thing is that I was #1 ALL DAY LONG! 
Well, actually, the best part of the day was hanging the quilts at the show venue.  (Make sure you scroll all the way down!)  It has been a secret dream of mine for about 5 years to put together a quilt show.  And with a lot of help from 4 ladies, the guild finally started hanging quilts for the Kaleidoscope of Quilts at a local library branch.  We got the baby quilts up in in the Kid's Room.  And the jackets and some small hangings on the wall leading to the class rooms.  And the medium sized hangings on the back of the magazine stacks.

Tomorrow I will head out to help hang the large quilts from the ceiling. 
It is totally exciting.  I have about 12 pieces in the show.  It is not judged or anything but just to see your work hang with the other people you admire is a great feeling. 

We will be doing demos on Saturday and I am doing the flying geese demo.  I guess I need to have some samples set up and get my demo wording down!  Maybe make some flyers........gee I still have a lot to do.

My quilts are mixed in with the others.  Like the Eiffel Tower, the three dog faces, the Swissy looking under the fence and the Cathedral Windows that are just a mere beginning of that ultimate quilt.  And if you look really close you will see the MacKenna Ryan Espresso piece of mine in there as well.  ohhh and I just noticed the Skier as well, I gave that to my friend Valerie when she moved out to Colorado because it looked just like her skiing down the mountain.  I love the little pup asleep that my friend VB did.  And the rag quilt that hangs on top of the wall because that is the first quilt that my friend VV did.  But they are all beautiful,


  1. How exciting! Love the Eiffel Tower!

  2. Wow you have been busy. Good job following a dream!

    My second quilt on my blog is called Oaklahoma Twister.


  3. Whew - I'm tired after helping you do all that work! I'm really impressed with the quality and beauty of the quilts. It must be great to have your works hanging for others to see. Most of mine are put away in the closet as soon as they are finished.

    Off to rest after our hard day - Hugs - Marie

  4. What a fabulous show you have put together. Very nice. I am getting up some courage to apply for a spot at our local quilds show in Oct. It is terrifying and exciting, so I guess excitingly terrifying all at once. Very nice job done by all.


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