Wednesday, November 17, 2010

200 and Infinity!

OH, this is 201 so the last post was 200.  Lots of interesting things are associated with 200.  The Mayan Civilization began about 200 BC, Talmudic law begins, as does Hinduism.  Wang Ling is born and Mi Heng dies.  There are 200 shekels all over the bible.  In the Tarot, 2 is a balance, partnership and cooperation.  And 0 is the beginning and ending, infinity and limitless potential!
Traditionally people sponsor giveaways, so I will dig around and see. Just reply to this post and I will use the random number generator and pick you!

glen:  happy to be at 200  and looking forward to 1000!


  1. Wow, obscure information. Where do you find this stuff?

  2. To Infinity and Beyond! LOL Congrats on the auspicious achievement!

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