Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bike Ride or can you say “obstacle course”?

Frank led the ride today around LSU Lakes.  LSU really is a beautiful campus, the old oaks are so massive and stately.  The lakes form that edge of the campus that houses many of the dorms for “Proper Southern Ladies”.  Mostly I think it was to discourage those girls from attending college that they were put far on the outside of the main campus crammed into tiny buildings with tiny rooms .  The rooms are tiny tiny and the buildings are falling down.  The Men’s dorms are newer, more modern and have air conditioning.  Most of the women’s dorms do not.  But it was encouraging to see the renovation going on in some of the larger buildings.  Especially now that  the rule is all college freshmen have to stay on campus.

The path that Frank led us on was a test in maneuvering skills.  We had sharp turns up and down street ramps, bumpy asphalt, sharp curves around lake flora and fauna and a few ducks in the road.

The lakes were teeming with wildlife.  (Getting those crossword puzzle words in there.)  The bike paths were crowded with people running, walking and pushing baby carriages.  Navigation was difficult, to say the least.  But the views were beautiful, and I am not just talking co-eds.


The day was truly perfect.  We rode past some huge houses that line the lakes just outside the campus.  North and South Lakeshore Drive is where the elite all live.  And we did see a local celeb and good friend, Johnny D’Angelo, famous for his New York Style Pizza.  Any amico con buon alimento is a good friend indeed!  See the turkey in the back of that old truck?  Freddo!  (And you thought I could only curse in Italian!)

Around the lakes we saw lots of avian life.  Some turtles were hanging out on a log but the bikers didn’t want to stop for me to take a picture.   There was that turkey and some chickens, too, interestingly enough.


It was a great day for flying a kite, or just riding a bike.  


More riding next week, we have big plans for the road once again!


glen:  exercise your heart good this week!


  1. What a great ride with so much to see. I'm glad one of us is getting exercise. I'm still being ultra careful bending and turning my head to sudden. But even if I weren't, I probably still wouldn't exercise.

    Hugs - Marie


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